Skip Diabetes is our diabetes Mobile Workshop project.

Our mobile workshop is designed to inform individuals, groups and communities with up-to-date information and skills for reducing the risk factors of diabetes.

The programme aims to help people understand diabetes risk factors, future effects and simple ways of reducing the risks; which promote overall health and lessen the danger of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The Skip Diabetes programme has been developed by qualified and experienced Diabetes Educators, who have worked within groups and communities that are highly affected by diabetes. Through experiences, they have discovered areas for improvement in approach and implementation of diabetes prevention strategies.

Thus far, the programme is helping to fill the gaps that are apparent within the current measures in delivering diabetes prevention programmes. By filling the gaps, skip diabetes consider groups’ familiar settings and resources, culture, religion and language preference in all programme delivery.

Work activities include:

  • Interactive campaigns
  • Distribution of diabetes booklets and flyers containing basic information on the development, treatment and prevention of diabetes
  • Publication of articles on diabetes in local newspapers
  • Visits to local communities to address people about Diabetes
  • Screening of members of selected communities for risk factors of obesity and diabetes

We are seeking funding support and sponsors who will help us take the diabetes messages and workshops to the grassroots of the most affected groups and communities.

Skip diabetes workshop at GOGFAN Church London UK.

Skip Diabetes Workshop Testimonial Video
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Want to help improve the lives of people with diabetes? Join us others today to create positive change for people with and at risk of diabetes.

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  • Body MOT (Health Checks: biometrics)
  • Blood sugar / glucose (How glucose accumulate in the blood)
  • Risk Factors of diabetes
  • Future effects of diabetes (Consequences)
  • Physical activity levels and benefits
  • Food choices and control
  • Hydration, importance of relaxation and mental health

Passion for Reducing type 2 Diabetes (PAFORET2D)
Brings Healthy Lifestyle To You and Your Community

Our workshop could be free where it applies, however, groups will have to make donation for the up keeps of materials, resources and service delivery prior to the delivery date.

Workshop delivery is practical and could be delivered within
2 hours between 10am – 8pm, Monday – Saturday.

Skip Diabetes Before It’s Too Late
Diabetes Health Complications Can Be Horrendous

We Seek For Supports and Sponsors
To Help Us Reach More Groups And Communities.
Your Little Help Can Save Many Lives!!!

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