We are a team of qualified and experienced public health practitioners,
with a passion to help people reduce risk factors of type 2 diabetes and
cardiovascular diseases. We are the only diabetes mobile workshop in
London presently, taking diabetes message to communities and groups
door step. We use familiar resources, and delivering within homogenous
groups inspires participants.


There is no medication to prevent type 2 diabetes; prevention depends
upon people having up-to-date evidence-based uncomplicated information
and the privilege to gain the skills necessary to adapt good health-related
behaviour; most importantly, where it is associated with physical activity
(Desmond, 2014).

PAFORET2D beliefs that everyone is unique and created to prosper in
health. We are happy to help you fulfil this goal through exploring healthier
activity choices, set achievable goals and support you to be in control of

your own healthier actions that are sustainable.


  • To take the massage of diabetes to the grass roots
  • Administer diabetes prevention that is open to the entire population
  • Reduce inequalities in accessing information in health matters
  • Recognise the potential contribution of culture and religion in delivering health intervention programmes
  • Give appropriate attention to the most affected groups
  • Educate and empower groups and individuals to live healthier lifestyle
  • To break language barriers in delivering health care
  • Use members of the community/group / organisation as co-ordinator and interpreter
  • Use familiar materials / resources in delivering health care workshops
  • Support those who do not access GP to participate through grass root actions
  • Use the group’s choice of venue & time, where it is convenience and comfortable in-service delivery (contented settings)
  • Signpost participants to other healthcare support services
  • Build strong network across communities, groups, individuals and organisations.


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Passion For Reducing Type 2 Diabetes
Brings healthy lifestyle to you and your community

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