Our workshops provide valuable information and resources to educate and empower individuals in the prevalence, risk factors and altered physiology of those living with diabetes (patients’ experience) and lifestyle interventions, such as diet and exercise to help people live better lives.

We use a wide range of teaching methods such as lectures, small group discussion, practical skills-lab sessions, video presentations and quizzes.

How our workshops help:

  • We are the only diabetes mobile workshop in Southwark London presently, taking diabetes message to communities and groups doorstep.
  • We use familiar resources, and delivering within homogenous groups inspires participants.
  • We share views with some other organisations that support diabetes work activities.
  • We involve group members as co-ordinators and volunteers, who gain improved skill and knowledge.
  • There are lots of positive outcomes (feedback) from participants in previous workshops, please, see website testimonials
  • Our board and team members have gained skills and experiences for planning and organising and managing a project through their high academic training, circular jobs and life experiences to reach our goal.
  • Our team members are BDS checked, we treat everyone as an individual, condemn racist signals and have a policy on all issue such as safeguarding, risk assessment, health and safety etc.

Since Covid-19 people have been concerned about:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Gaining too much weight
  • Increase of blood glucose
  • Increase of cholesterol
  • High blood pressure and control
  • Visiting GPS/hospitals due to covid-19
  • Visit for regular health checks
  • Gestational diabetes and family history of diabetes
  • Other health complications

If you have concerns about any of the above issues, our workshops are for you.

We Can Help You:

  • Reduce weight, high BP, cholesterol and blood glucose
  • Improve your health profile and knowledge about diabetes,
  • Understand healthy food choices
  • Increase participation in physical activities
  • Increase your confidence to request and accept regular health checks
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Want to join our workshop for better diabetes care and support?

Skip Diabetes workshop at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Peckham London UK.