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The number of diabetes sufferers in Africa remains uncertain, although an IDF estimate put the figure at 7.5 million diabetic adults between 20 and 79 years of age. It is thought that this figure is now much larger.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) and the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) estimate that the diabetes population will double over the next twenty-five years in Africa.


Our Project aims to reach other parts of the world, especially Africa, where the diabetes prevalence rate is very high and, in most cases, not recorded. The project aims to increase awareness about diabetes and its consequences among the various stakeholders and to sensitise them to take appropriate action for the care and prevention of diabetes by organising various activities.

Rural areas will receive special attention as these areas have a poor health infrastructure, low literacy rates and lack of exposure to media and therefore lack awareness about health-related issues in general and diabetes in particular. This lack of awareness has consequences in terms of delayed diagnosis, poor outcomes and more complications.


  • Diabetes campaigns
  • Outreach programmes
  • Skip Diabetes workshops
  • Diabetes work project management for groups, communities, and healthcare settings, organisations, education settings, care homes, prisons etc.


By talking about diabetes and the effect it has on our lives, we help keep healthcare administrators and politicians focused on the job of providing us with the care and information we need to successfully live with our diagnosis.

We need to raise our voices, raise our profile and raise awareness of this condition. It is all about persuasive information to encourage the public from all over the world to help us reach people that require our services, such as we did in Ghana.


There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there. It’s only by raising awareness that we can help everyone understand how to live with it.


Want to help improve the lives of people with diabetes? Join us others today to create positive change for people with and at risk of diabetes.

Want to get more involved in campaigning locally for better diabetes care and support?



PAFORET2D Team worked in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service and Ghana Diabetes Association. At Diabetes Clinic Centre Weija, we carried out screening test including free blood glucose test and blood pressure checks, demonstrated how glucose accumulates in the blood, distributed diabetes educational materials and resources. Many people at risk of diabetes were identified. It was obvious that our project was a leverage to participants, especially as Ghana is in deep need of diabetes awareness campaign across her nation. His Excellency, John Agyekum Kuffuor former President of Ghana appreciated our effort.